10 Tips on Caring for Plants – How does it feel when every day you can see the beautiful landscape of flowers, fruit, or even vegetables on the grounds of the House? Although there is only a small corner in the House that can be cultivated, but in fact these plants can still be eye soothing, refreshing the mind relaxes, and myself. (Read more – 5 Vine Plant for Garden)

But unfortunately, it has a beautiful view is only done with an effort. Not every plant can still grow beautifully if not given special treatment. Here are 10 tips on caring for plants:

One of them is the problem of lighting from the Sun. Some plants need a very bright light, some thus need a little light. Therefore, it is very necessary to realize the good things or even endanger the life of the plant. Then caring for plants is very important.

Thus, what are some things that can be done so that the plants grow beautifully in the courtyard of the House? Here are some tips for caring for plants:

1. Know how to flush
Each pot must have the ORB as the place of discharge of water. Siramlah until the water overflows out of the hole. Stop immediately when the water was out because if the excess water, the plants will rot.

2. Add moisture
How do I know that the plant is less moisture? Brown spots on the leaves is a penandanya. So, immediately place it in a more humid.

3. Lighting
Not all plants can live in dark places. Some need bright lighting to perform photosynthesis. Therefore, the level of illumination of sunlight is important to them. (Read more – Garden Lights Durable Tips)

4. change the land
Sometimes plants still don’t grow optimally in spite of the water and the lighting is just right. The solution by replacing the planting media. No need to replace them with charcoal or crystals, but replace with new land can improve the nutrition of plants.

5. Clean the plant
Always wanted to look clean and free from dirt? The plant also wants such a thing. Clean the leaves for the sake of smooth fabric with a leaf, or simply avoid them from dust. (Read more – 10 Easy Care Plants for Garden)

6. Check for pests and insects

Plants and flowers can attract the attention of pests, as well as insects. However, it is not a good thing if they don’t help pollination but rather damaging to plants. Immediately give their insect and pest control.

7. Replace the pot
Replace the pot according to the size and age of the plant. It can help them grow healthy.

8. cut the twigs
Cut small branches or dried flowers that will not interfere with making dead plants. Thus, the way to help the plant looks nicer.

9. natural Fertilizer
Add dirt and compost into the soil so that the nutrients needed during growth can be obtained. Try consulting with people who give the plants the seeds about her is good.

10. Do not let the plant itself
Just like humans, plants also do not like and can not live alone. So, try to buy more than one plant and put in.

Well, it’s about caring for plants. Hopefully useful!.