How to make rooftop gardenYou want to know how to make rooftop garden. In the densely populated urban areas with limited land, most certainly has a small terrace or flat roof. Well, you certainly want to create design rooftop garden is minimalist, even can sit in the garden and enjoy its beauty.
Rooftop Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Design

What is the rooftop garden is it?
Rooftop garden or roof garden is man-made green space at the top level (usually the roof or balcony) of a building. The Park is designed to cultivate crops, providing space to play, giving shade and shelter, or as seating and green areas.


In addition to the decorative benefit, rooftop garden can develop farming activities, control the temperature, hydrological benefit, adding to the aesthetic, habitat or corridors for wildlife, recreational activities, and on a large scale has its benefits ecological. The art farm in the rooftop garden is sometimes referred to as the rooftop farming (agriculture roof), which typically use the green roof system, hydroponic, aeroponic, or waterdynaponics or a potted plant.


How to make your own rooftop garden:
Here are some ways to make yourself a nice rooftop garden and important tips that you can use Your roof garden for inspiration.
How to make a Rooftop Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Design

1. Keep an open display
The views from the rooftop garden is the most valuable asset, so all elements of design should be maintained and maximized. Small rooftop if allowed to remain open will look more spacious.


Consider the use of transparent glass and not the fence wall parapet; iron fence, iron grille left, railing, or even hedgerows around the boundaries of the roof. However, if you are concerned about your privacy and want to obstruct the view from the outside, avoid these tips.


2. Blocking the effects of the weather
When you invest a lot of money for an outdoor living space on the rooftop garden, you must create the comfort in your garden for all seasons. Your biggest challenge is to incorporate various elements that reduce the challenges of your unique climate with an interesting component to suit your interior style.


You can add peneduh as an umbrella or canopy or other creative materials for you and your garden. Units that are in the windy corridors will definitely need protection. The windscreen or a wide selection of certain plants can also serve as a barrier to the wind.


3. Prepare the planting media
In addition to soliciting expert advice garden, here are a few terms before preparing media for planting: Weight capacity, soil and fertilizer, drainage, water supply, sun exposure, a gust of wind, and Waterproofing. (read more – Roof Garden Planting Medium)


4. Select the type of plant
Choose the type of plants should also ask for advice from experts or look at some of the references. (read more – 4 How to Choose Garden Plants).


5. Accent with planting media
The most important is how to create the exact composition of the alloy to be a living work of art. This means designed it as an element of the column, mass, background and focal point. This is the dynamic element in the space visually.


6. Use the vertical space
Do you have a rooftop garden the narrow area? Don’t worry! Take advantage of vertical space to add more space to Your rooftop garden, minimalist design. Hanging plant shelves on the wall, use the hedgerows and pergola.


7. Water for silencers
You can consider water as a noise suppressor of life in the city that could be disturbing the peace in Your Home Garden, minimalist. Because of the limitations of this unique landscape, you’ll need a good designer and contractor experienced in order to realize this concept.


8. Don’t forget the lighting
At night, the roof garden You should have very bright, especially near stairs or door, let alone a roof lighting will make it look more airy at dusk. It is worth putting more point lights.


9. Plant-floor Bathtub
If you are supporting the roof area, creating the trough plants adjacent to the terraced walls is a great idea.


10. Do not more than three colors
Always choose a color as an accent color and one or two colors again as a complement. Using a variety of different colors for walls, floors, fences, furniture or plant tubs will make Your roof look too crowded. Use neutral colors like white, gray, beige, purple to accentuate the beauty of the plant.


11. Nice Flooring it is important
Select the type of floor that suits your budget, the climate where you live, Your rooftop garden and theme.


In addition to using wooden decking areas, there are a number of lightweight floor material that is on the market with a variety of patterns, finishing, and different colors.


12. Furniture: Comfort vs. Size
Determine in advance what kind of furniture you want to buy. Whether you want to relax on the rooftop terrace or would like to have dinner there? Choose furniture that suits your style and theme of Your rooftop garden.