4 Beautiful Garden Grass – The Park is one of the important part of the aesthetic of the dwelling. This, in order to give an interesting look, green, unsightly, and cool at home.

One of the components to enhance your garden it is grass. Thus, the necessity of choosing a nice lawn and suitable for wear on a garden in your home. (Read more – Synthetic Grass Decoration)

The following summary of the four types of Grass Garden beautiful.

1. Elephant Grass
In General, the elephant grass is composed of several types of longer, i.e. the local elephant grass, elephant grass, elephant grass and mini mini variegata. In kind, just the size and color variations are different.

The elephant grass is most often chosen, other than because of her treatment of easy, affordable as well. This grass treatment does not need to be frequently cut it, fearing constantly extends. This grass is not too soon to grow up.

2. Grass Japan
The next option is a favorite. This grass has a form of clean, thin strands of leaves, and grows very tightly. For her treatment, urea fertilization is required regularly every two months, regular watering, trimming every month, and the granting of sufficient lighting.

3. Grass Peking
Types of grass peking grass is almost similar to Japan. The difference, this leaves strands grow less frequently and have a softer texture. The look clean and luxurious, making its price impressed relatively expensive.

For her treatment is easy and does not need a lot of energy. Because of this, the grass has good weather resistance, including the rainy season.

4. Grass Switzerland
Turf grass with the Switzerland one of the most delicate texture. However, in him, grass requires sunlight lighting up to 80 percent, slashing on a regular basis, and the granting of urea fertilizer.

Make sure, too, the grass is on the area to dry. Because, on a damp, or wet area, this grass will not grow. (Read more – Simple Apartment Garden)

Well that’s about grass garden beautiful. Hopefully useful!.