4 How to choose garden plants – Types of flowers for your Garden you should pay attention. How to choose garden plants in order for the garden that you create will appear beautiful.

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Have a garden on the estate will not only beautify the look of the home, but also provide more aesthetic value on the building. To beautify the look of the garden, it takes a variety of beautiful ornamental plants such as flowers, bonsai plants and various types of other plants so that the air around the home will also be cooler.

Minimalist home garden design

Minimalist home garden design

The following are tips on choosing the type of plant:

1. Choose the type of plants the buffer: If you have a spacious roof or want to ward off the ill effects of the environment and obtaining privacy on Your rooftop, planting of bamboo and grass is a great combination because it has low maintenance costs.

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2. Planting potted plant type: avoid small berbatang plants vulnerable to a gust of wind. The ideal plants for rooftop garden should be durable and able to ward off wind and other environmental conditions of the poor.

3. Consider the game of colors and types of plants: use a mix of warm and cold colours in a balanced way to get beautiful appearance, for example, combines trees, shrubs, plants, leafy or flowering plants.

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4. Vegetable farming: choose the type of low plants such as: carrots, beets, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, beans and legumes, a variety of other vegetables as well as several varieties of vines.