5 Caring for Houseplants Guide – Have a hobby with ornamental plants? Let’s read the Caring for Houseplants Guide. Important thing we should know is how to care for ornamental plants properly so that the plant can flourish.

When the plant is well-maintained, then the plant will also provide benefits that are good for us, like the refreshing air, provide fresh sensai when see it.

Well maybe just go ahead, following Caring for Houseplants Guide so that thrives and healthy.

1. Select the type of plant
From a whole range of ornamental plants, choose plants that really nice do you think if the ornamental plants-ornamental plants flower, then choose which can produce beautiful flowers. (Read more – Roof Garden Planting Medium)

2. Determine the planting Media
After determining the type of ornamental plants flower, then now is the time for planting media, whether the vote will be on planting in the soil directly or use the media as a medium pot planting. but usually the most widely used media is growing in a pot with the media.

3. Granting of Fertilizer
The awarding of the fertilizer is very important in the fertility of ornamental plants. fertilizer use can be divided into two kinds, namely the main fertilizer or fertilizer supplement, the base and how to use the main fertilizer is organic fertilizer types by using mixed with soil. While the extra fertilizer use can be a chemical fertilizer, yet would remain to pay attention to the level of their use.

4. Flush with regular
Do any watering houseplants you sow regularly early morning or late afternoon. Flush or spray plant to taste, not too much, because it is precisely this can make the plant rotting or dead, the main thing is how to keep the plant moist. (Read more – Small Shaded Garden Design)

5. Do the cleaning
Once in a while and if necessary you need to clean your flower ornamental plant cultivation, such as discarding a dry twig.

Well now you know already how Caring for Houseplants Guide.