5 Ornamental Plants Garden Apartments – Not a few people who chose urban apartment as a place to shelter them. In addition due to the location near the Office, usually the developer provides a variety of facilities such as shopping centres, places of entertainment, sports, and other means.

However, the stay in the apartment also has drawbacks. For example, vast room is limited, less sunlight, until the flow of fresh air that is minimal. These conditions are certainly less healthy for the body. Therefore, it needs a bit of a trick so that fresh air remains smooth. The trick is to put ornamental plants in your apartment. (Read more – Apartment Garden Tips)

Given the limited space, you need to select ornamental plants as jelly sweetening Your residential atmosphere and refreshments. Here’s some ornamental plants are suitable to be placed in the apartments. The following 5 ornamental plants garden apartment.

1. Lili
If you are not adept at caring for plants, Lily could be an appropriate choice. These plants can survive in dim light conditions, even being able to survive in the bright fluorescent lights only. Her treatment, simply watered once a week. As a reference, you can put it in the bathroom or the corner of the House with a little bit of light.

2. Cactus
This plant is a unique characteristic that can be fused with a variety of decorating styles from bohemian apartment to modern. The greatness of other Cactus is easily treated. Simply flushing water once a week. He also does not need a lot of light to continue to grow and develop.

3.-in-law’s tongue

Hear the words of the tongue-in-law alone is able to make a stand, but the occipital feathers contrast with houseplants on this one. The physical shape of the tongue-in-law is unique and is often used as an ornamental plant. This plant has exceptional strength, where it can survive in almost any environment, even with low light intensity. Ideally, the tongue-in-law can stay in the room with a temperature of 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Banyan tree dollars
Plants that provide coolness whenever it sees it, it is suitable to be kept in the apartment. Although it requires extra attention to take care of him, he can last four to seven days after the time of watering. Should this plant placed near a bright window, and remember to rotate it occasionally to avoid excess growth in one side.

5. Aloe Vera
Keep the Aloe Vera in the apartment not only because it is easily maintained and require no watering too often. But it can also be a remedy to heal scrapes and burns. The unique shape can beautify Your kitchen and living room.

Well, it’s about ornamental plants for garden apartment. Hopefully useful!. (Read more – Simple Apartment Garden)