5 Things to Build Vertical Garden – The current garden is one of the mandatory component to beautify the exterior of the building. In addition to aesthetics, children can also create green space, reduce the temperature of the air, and provide additional oxygen intake but not all buildings have large enough flat land for planted with greenery. Vertical garden vertical garden or currently present as alternative grounds for everyone who crave Green Park land has its limitations though. Build Vertical Garden is usually applied on the vertical plane as part of the wall and fence. Build Vertical Garden isn’t as easy as making a normal garden planted in the field because of the upright so there are a few things to note before applying it, namely:

1. Planting Media
The technique of planting vertical garden Hydroponic growing techniques requiring medium cropping. The planting medium vertical garden preferably made from a lightweight, strong, and able to absorb water. Currently the most widely used media is a nonwoven geotextile and velt of coir. Media from the coir has advantages in storing water is greater than the nonwogen geotextile, but has a lower thickness than nonwogen geotextile.

2. Types of plants
Plants that are usually used to create a vertical garden are vines like Ruscifolia and Sansevieria. See the limitations of power support vertical garden in supporting the weight of the plant because of the upright position, you should select plants lightweight and not too large. In addition choose plants that have grown relatively the same speed with one another so that no one dominates the space to grow and cover other kinds of plants on the media.

3. The Sun
Plants need sunlight to grow. The needs of light the plants will be able to determine the location of the vertical garden at the House. Tempatkanvertical garden in areas affected by exposure to sunlight. Avoid areas that are shady and closed because it could cause stunted plant growth. The use of artificial light such as metal halides can be used on vertical garden that is difficult to obtain the supply of sunlight.

4. Water
In the vertical garden, water is the main food plant. This is because of the media grows vertical garden does not possess the capability of storing water as good as land and have no nutritional natural. Irigrasi otamatis systems are usually used to minimize water consumption as well as the injection of nutrients. The water supply must be maintained and the quality of water also must be considered. (Read more – Xeriscaping Techniques, Water Efficient Garden)

5. Electric
Electricity is very closely related to the water irrigation system and the use of artificial light. On a vertical garden, watering is done by automated systems use electric pumps are useful to drain water to the top of the Park. In such krusialnya watering, service provider vertical garden that good usually also prepared a backup system which utilizes a direct tap water for watering, assume the electricity is off.

Build Vertical Garden is a challenge and an interesting point for your building. Excellent for home, Office, cafe, apartment, presence of greenery can make the beautiful scenery and refreshing. (Read more – 10 plants that are suited to Vertical Gardens)