5 Tips to design a minimalist Garden – Minimalist garden is perfect for those of you who don’t have much time to take care of the plant. Minimalist garden also not wide, so easy in her treatment.

Create a minimalist garden, you do not need to use the services of a professional landscaper. Because, basically follow the minimalist garden interior design and unique home.

You just need to follow some of the tips below to create a minimalist Garden:

1. start Delimiter
The use of strict lines are the basis of the children’s home. Create a border wall or fence can embody the concept. This delimiter will influence on the overall design of the garden.

2. use Paving
The use of paving is the right choice if you want to make a garden with a minimalist design. However, you should pay attention to the placement and the settings are. Paving for color, you can choose the color gray to create the impression of a more minimalist on the grounds.

3. Artificial Waterfall
To embellish the look of the garden, you can use a small artificial waterfall. Artificial waterfall also has several designs, such as the Balinese style foray or relief rocks. (Read more – Simple Tips on Minimalist Garden)

For its placement, you can make the waterfall in the garden side that don’t have many plants that could dispel the impression empty in the garden. In addition, it falls very rewarding so stressful after undergoing routine drug.

4. Selection of plants
There are no specific standards for the selection of plants, all depending on Your tastes and needs. If you are confused to choose the right types of plants for the garden, you can select minimalism ornamental plants such as adenium, aglaonema, agave attenuata/siklok and roses jambe. (Read more – The Tree in the House Guide)

5. Setup Plants
Make sure you create a harmonization at the moment to organize the minimalist garden, by combining different types of plants in one place. You can also use plants with the same color, but with different shades and sizes. You can also choose the color of the cohesive for container plants.

Well that’s 5 Tips to design a minimalist Garden. Good luck!