Ways to Organize Your Garden – Minimalist-style garden usually limit the material and type of plants used. The following ways to organize your garden. True to its name, this park is made as simple as possible so that the seminimalis and gives an impression of elegance and relax for its inhabitants.

Create a minimalist garden is quite easy. You just need to set up some sort of greenery with the structure of a leaf or stem that is neat. Then for a replacement pot, you could make the planting container from the exposed brick and cement. Check out ways to organize your garden!

1. create the hardscape design already planned
Hardscape or planting container you can design according to the size of the garden. Put the main hardscape sized wide enough in a corner of the garden and the rest in the surrounding area. To build the hardscape, select easy maintenance materials such as exposed brick.

When the cement is still wet, create striped texture on the surface of hardscape as additional accents. Lastly, you can begin to farm with laying the seeds of the plant and the soil and fertilizer in it.

Choose plants with leaf width and shade to create ecosystems for animals and insects in the vicinity. (Read more – Landscape Design Cost Estimate)

2. create a sitting area private
Not complete it felt had a garden without a seat in it. To make it feel more privacy, need to be made in the form of a fence or boundary of plant high. However with minimalist concept embraced, you should be able to make the kind of impression that neat and elegant.

The most practical way is to restrict the grounds with the wall. Either solid walls or fences minimalist, choice is yours.

3. Classify garden area
With the size of a rather spacious yards, you can arrange the plants in accordance with the respective type. For example, for types of bamboo plants are in the right and left sides of the Park. Then for the kind of mother-in-law tongue plant grouped neatly on the left corner of the area. (Read more – 4 Ways to Beautify Your Garden)

4. Keep your design stay simple
The number of ideas who want to work can change the minimalist concept that initially you want. So try to keep the focus on the simple concept that is planned in the beginning and less accessories or additional accent that could damage the concept.

Starting from choose neutral colors for potted plants, floors and walls. Make sure that your garden looks clean, simple and unsightly. Select also the types of plants that are easy maintenance and hold in extreme weather though.

5. Garnish water as additional accessories
Accessories such as fountains, waterfalls, mini or fish pond in one area could give the appeal without looking overdone.

A major key to make miniature waterfalls that unsightly is hide the device (e.g., cables, pipelines and pumps) so that the flow of the water look more natural. (Read more – 6 Simple Garden Design Tips)

Thus, we present articles about ways to organize your garden.