6 Best Simple Garden Design Tips – Now we don’t have to use the services of a professional to design a minimalist home garden. Because we can do it yourself with a simple garden design tips here.

Have a hobby gardening? But do not have enough land to create a dream garden at home. Now no need to worry, because there have been many options garden design in minimalist home. Refer to the best simple garden design tips.

Actually create, decorate, and decorate a beautiful minimalist garden, ideal for people who do not have much time to take care of the plant. First, it’s not quite wide so it is very easy in her treatment.

No need to use professional services to build a minimalist garden. In addition to having to spend quite a lot of money, it could be the Park generated not liking. Because basically, creating a minimalist garden need only follow the interior design and unique minimalist house us.

With some best simple garden design tips, we can make a garden with our own version of minimalist design.

1. Pay attention to soil conditions & Waterprof
When you’re designing a garden, then you must “favoritism” towards the direction of water flow during rainy or wet season. That way you can easily stuff unwanted relating to puddles. Rose wells biopori as supporters of at the garden to absorb water so the more smoothly. (Read more – Small Home Garden Tips)

2. Selection of plants
There are no special provisions for the selection of plants, back in Our tastes and needs. If we get confused to choose the right types of plants for the garden, minimalist, we can choose ornamental plants such as adenium, aglaonema, agave Attenuata/Siklok and roses jambe.

3. The arrangement of Plants
Make sure we create a harmonization at the moment to organize Our minimalist garden, by combining different types of plants in one place. We can also use plants with the same color, but with different shades and sizes. We can also choose the color of the cohesive for container plants. (Read more – 5 Vine Plant for Garden)

4. Make Guardrail
The use of strict lines are the basis of the children’s home. Create a border wall or fence can embody the concept of gersebut. This delimiter will influence on the overall design of the garden.

5. Outdoor or Man-made Waterfall
To embellish the look of the garden, we could use an artificial waterfall has a small size. Artificial waterfall also has some designs. One of them for a minimalist falls by using ethnic Balinese or stone reliefs. As for his job, we can place an artificial waterfall on the side of the garden that didn’t have a lot of plants. It can dispel the impression empty in the garden. In addition to this waterfall is very helpful so stress after undergoing routine.

6. Use Paving
The use of paving is the right choice if you want to make a garden with a minimalist design. However, we should pay attention to the placement and the settings are. Paving for color, we can choose the color gray to create the impression of a more minimalist on the grounds. (Read more – 10 Easy Care Plants for Garden)

So, the short article some best simple garden design tips you guys can use to beautify your garden.