Apartment Garden Tips – Now we will discuss about the apartment garden tips. Farming in residential areas now part of the lifestyle of urban residents. Farming in residential areas is not only giving more oxygen intake for the environment a place to live, but many other benefits that can be obtained as it reduces stress levels and suppress the bad impacts of global warming.

Unfortunately, the increasingly difficult search for homes have empty land to farm. Especially if you live in a residential home or condo-like vertical stacking. Don’t be pessimistic, apparently there used to be tables of ways you can try to organize your garden on the balcony of an apartment or even inside his room. Here, apartment garden tips:

1. Select the desired type of garden
There are many types of plants that you can select when he wanted to design a garden. Suppose you want to organize your potted Succulents or flowers on a shelf, or want to make a garden urban farming with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Please specify the type of plant you wish to layout specifics so as not to trouble when him simultaneously.

2. Select plants based on intake light
Living in an apartment means that you have a light intake limited to arrange the Park. Well, before choosing a particular type of plant, it’s good if you put plants near a window so that it gets sufficient light intake from the reflection of the glass. (Read more – Planning a Feng Shui Garden)

3. Select the design of a pot or container plants that are unique
Living in the residence are cramped make any furniture and accessories must look attractive. No exception with a collection of plants that you will add. Choosing potted and container design that is unique then his presence will add value to the decor of the room.

You can decorate the pot painted color gradations or give a beautiful painting motifs.

4. Aware of the time replacing pots
To keep your plants to keep flourishing, replace the pot with a larger size at least once a year. This way can prevent root grown too long. In addition, your plant can appear fresher after ‘ space ‘.

5. Hide the soil in the pot
Worried the soil in the pot that messy ruin the aesthetics of the interior unit in Your studio? You can hide the soil with gravel or covering it with colorful containers in special designs. (Read more – Feng Shui Garden Design)

6. Do not have much time? Try the air plant
There are many tools that you should prepare to organize the garden. Starting from soil, fertilizers, plants and sprinklers. If you don’t want to park is busy with, try to select the type of plants with medium air.

In addition to cheap, these plants do not require great care. Hanging on the ceiling of the room at the same time to sweeten the clear air.

7. Don’t give up!
If you’re still newbies in terms of styling your garden, foliage in Your potted plants may appear yellow or blackish. Before giving up, check the intake of light, humidity, as well as a very that you provide. (Read more – The world’s largest vertical garden)

Well that’s about apartment garden tips. A beautifully made happy.