Beautiful Green Wall – Summer long like lately, home affected due to sunburn. The wall is part of the House that looks ahead at the most exposed to the heat. Well, what a beautiful green wall.

To reduce the heat, you can get around with green wall green plants or as a coating of the wall. The trick is quite simple, that is with the merambatkan plant on the wall. (Read more – Hardscape Garden Design)

Obviously, the plant used must plant vines. There are two types of plants. First, plants vines that can propagate themselves. This type of plant can shut down the wall in the meeting and perfect.

However, the plant has flaws. This type of vines plants capable of lengthwise on the wall and the roots will be embedded in the wall as a binder. When less supervised and been weeded, this plant can destroy walls. For this first type, such as betel-Netherlands, Ficus Repens, Philidendron selloum.

The second type of vines are plants that need a foothold to perambatannya. That is, plants of this type need help propagation such as wire. (Read more – Pot Water Garden)

However, the types of plants your vines are not able to close completely the surface of the wall. The benefits, it will not damage the wall because its roots are not inherent in the. There is a beautiful leafy types, flowering, fruiting or. Amazing beautiful green wall. Happy gardening!