Caring for Plants When the Drought – The searing drought that is still ongoing at this time is not an excuse for not taking care of the plants and the freshness of the garden in your home. Unwittingly, Green Park capable of refreshing the body heat of the sunburn.

Children can be cared for at the time of the Sun in “safe”, i.e. morning before 09.00 o’clock in the afternoon after 17.00. Well, here are things you can do to care for the garden at the time:

1. Watering regularly
Watering plants and grasses in the Park on a regular basis is essential. If not routine, the plant dries out quickly and then die, due to the long drought season plants and grasses require higher humidity through the watering. For example, you do the watering once a day in the morning or afternoon.

2. Take advantage of the natural stone or gravel
If many grass dries out and dies, then will look bald areas. To that end, immediately take advantage of the bald area by setting the gravel or rocks in it. That way, the bare land remains useful, i.e. as a stepping value stone when you are in the garden so that it minimizes the grass were trampled.

3. Spruce up the garden
Weeds very disturbing growth of grass, so you should take yourself pulled it out. If considered necessary, the grass rises also needs to be trimmed in order to appear neat. The trees in the Park are made mandatory, also how by taking the old and remove from leafy stem.

4. heat resistant Planting
Sadly it was like seeing the dead plants due to overheating. Therefore, try to plant crops that are resistant to heat shock with the Sun. These types of plants are mainly tropical plants, palms, like a begonia, Wali Sanga, Codiaeum variegatum, and others.