Circular garden in Philadelphia, beautiful and unique! – 5 acres of land in the area of Philadelphia, in the United States Navy’s headquarters, via a touch firm architects James Corner Field Operations had been transformed into a beautiful garden is interesting. (Read more – The world’s largest vertical garden)

If viewed from a height of garden design, forming a circle. The architect deliberately chose the form of a circular with different functions.

The outer circular serves as a running track. While the Interior consists of many mini circular processed into the garden area or place of rest.

A 20-Track “social feet (six meters) set up the circulation of the site and the framing of a unique interior garden. Showing children with the use of grass hammock, open amphitheatre, and a gym, “said the architect of that Park, as reported by from DeZee

The Park is named for The Philadelphia Navy Yards of the Central Green that finished built since January 2015. (Read more – The World’s Highest Vertical Garden)

It became popular at once so it’s a winner for the category a public park on A + Award Awards 2016 which occasions by Architizer.