Coral Stone Decoration – To add to the beauty of the fish pond, you certainly want to make beautiful decorations. One is made of Coral Stone Decoration. Therefore, take advantage of the natural stones to embellish the appearance of outdoor exhibit to be more natural than water, rocks, and trees. (Read more – Hardscape Garden Design)

However, you don’t get wrong. This type of coral is made up of some sort. You should know, rock type and theme suitable for Your Garden decor. Here are a few types of Coral Stone Decoration theme is, for example:

1. Tropical
For tropical marine theme, you can use the coastal reefs as the dominant accent. You can combine it with foam coral-colored green, Brown, or blue sky to create a soft look.

You can also use colored stone turquoise, yellow, Orange, and red in order to make garden decor look bright as on the beach. Then, add also the accent of the lighthouse, bamboo shades, silk or tropical flowers and ferns to add to the impression of natural beaches.

2. the Cottage
Make a mini cottage around Your fish pond. Add bamboo plants and some coral stone blue, Orange, and red.

Adjust the layout of the corals in a way that connects with pond cottage mini. Then, decorate cottages with white cloth in the corner of the pillar to add a romantic impression. Also add pillows and flowers for you to relax while enjoying the view at the fish pond.

3. Southwest
This theme may be a bit unique, namely blending community southwest in the United States around your pond. This theme is more large size rocks put around the fish pond. Then, the arrangement of tiles the typical jumbo Mexico serve as sitting in front of a pond.

In addition, you can put the Cactus flowers on each side of the pool in order to reaffirm Mexico’s style in the fish pond.

4. the Earthy and Natural
The theme of this one will bring you to enjoy the natural atmosphere of unpretentious. This theme is further maximize the use of coral-colored soft rock, like light brown and beige.

In addition, Lotus plants and ferns also became a mainstay of this theme. And, to relax, this theme offers you make “area” in front of the fish ponds covering an area of 1 metre for spreading coral mini size 2 centimeters. Later, this area can be used as a means of reflection while relaxing sight of Your pet fish. (Read more – European Home Gardens)

Well, if you’ve found a theme to suit your desires and budget, now is the time to make it happen, i.e., planted a garden and fish pond more attractive. That is, the coral stone decoration. Happy gardening!