Create a Beautiful home with banana trees – Coming from East Asia, banana is one of the oldest cultivated plants, and there are more than 400 species worldwide.

Exotic plants are characterized by high quality and wavy leaves is derived from the family Musaceae.

You may not see the banana trees. Often, you can find it in the garden or on a stretch of land. (Read more – 10 Tips on Caring for Plants)

However, did you know, when banana trees can also be plants that beautify the interior of your home?

If you want the banana trees in the House or as a houseplant, follow some of the following tips:

1. When buying a banana tree, look at the size of the pot, plant height and number of plants per pot.
The leaves are somewhat fragile so it probably should be coated to prevent damage.

2. Also note the diseases and pests.
You will probably find aphids and scale insects are the most common.

Meanwhile, a sticky honey dew and transparent is a sign that there are insects that live in the plant.

If conditions are too dry, this plant may have red spider mites.

3. Banana trees grow well in warm conditions. These plants could not survive well at temperatures below 12-14 Celsius.

Give yourself plenty of time during the day but avoid sitting in the sunshine directly.

4. Because it has large leaves, the plant evaporate quite a lot of moisture. Therefore you need a little extra water.

5. However, caution when watering so that the soil is not too wet. This can cause root rot, which ultimately disrupts plant growth.

6. Banana trees has limited coverage but Moses “Dwarf Cavendish” and Moses “Tropicana” are the most common varieties.

Dwarf banana trees size make it perfect for the family room.

7. give a little fertilizer once a fortnight to keep banana trees stay strong and beautiful.

8. If developing and becoming too large, remove a few rods down so this tree produce fresh shoots.

9. As the household plants, banana trees rarely bear fruit.
Cavendish was the most important species to produce edible bananas.

But keep in mind, often it takes more than three years so that the flower first appeared in the plant needed to bear fruit.

In order for banana trees can grow, multiply the light and high temperatures, such as the Conservatory. (Read more –Gardening Tips in the Home Garden)

The plants then can bloom and bear fruit after three to four years.