European Home Gardens – For those of you who want to make the european home gardens. Beautiful House is not complete without children are also beautiful. European-style garden probably it could be an option. Let’s see one example of the european home gardens! (Read more – 5 Tips to Design a Minimalist Garden)

The size is not wide, but not too narrow. The design is not complicated, nor what it is. That’s the first impression when we looked at it from the side of the building.

Brick orange color wall meets the future. White and black appear as accents that cover the material wood. From the design and use of material elements, very pronounced facade designed in European style.

Enjoy the facade it is not boring because it looks matching with garden design. Layout the fence which retreated 2 m from the main street, making a point of view become wider. This guardrail join creates a Union between the design of the front view of the House with a garden. The design of outdoor space will indeed appear beautiful if designed compact between the facade with the Park.

Front garden measuring 6 m x 6, 5 m it is divided into two areas; inside and outside the fence. Pembatasnya in the form of a low fence, waist deep adults. The fence is made of brick walls and covered by shrubs. A low fence making room outside the airy look, even feel one with the road.

European Home Gardens

European Home Gardens

Add a beautiful Sculpture
Beautification of the page before the House does not always have to be colored with flowers. Sculpture and accessories in addition to a blossoms can also be some empty filler, and look pretty.

But look at his election; do not enforce sculpture large size meet the page that is not too broad. Check out the sculpture in the form of a miniature stupa of Borobudur Temple in the Park. It is placed above the expanse of grass. The height is just sepaha adult (CA. 80 cm), but capable of being a sweetener yards. (Read more – Garden Renovation Tips)

A miniature stupa is indeed not related to European style which applicated on the grounds. But its presence precisely so the uniqueness. His presence became a local touch in the garden. Pretty, right?