Feng Shui Garden Design – Every part of a dwelling having feng shui each, including the case of the garden at home. Then the important feng shui garden design. Spacious garden area and met a lot of plants believed to be collecting more chi (life energy). (Read more – 6 Simple Garden Design Tips)

Having regard to the feng shui garden, You not only create beautiful gardens andbeautiful, but also functional garden and be a source of positive energy. The following steps setting the correct home garden according to feng shui. These will be explained about the feng shui garden design:

1. The Garden of flowering and fruiting
Keep these kinds of plants flowering and fruiting. In feng shui, two types of this plant is very useful to ward off negative energy in the form of a less unsightly views.

Flowering plants with a variety of color can refresh your eyes and give you different beauty than plants with foliage only. Your eyes will be pampered with the beauty of the flowers that are blooming.

While trees that bear fruit can provide many benefits. All of these things can give you a positive chi into Your residence.

2. Trees
It would be very good if the children in your home has a shady trees. However, you need to pay attention to its placement prior to planting. Try to plant trees with opposite layout against a hospital or cemetery (if any).

It is useful to inhibit or counteract the influx of bad energy from the outside periphery of the House of heading into. Avoid also put the tree in front of the entrance to the House because it can impede chi will go. (Read more – Synthetic Grass Decoration)

3. Water element
Try to provide water element on a garden in your home. You can make a fish pond mini, or Lotus pond in a pot filled with small fish. In feng shui, the sound of splash water is Tai chi.

The presence of water in the pool must also always be guarded to keep flowing to enhance inhibit chi before entering into the House. The element of water can also provide a calming and soothing effect on the surrounding area.

4. Bamboo Fence
Bamboo has a very deep philosophical values. In feng shui bamboo is believed to be able to balance the high level of flexibility and adaptation to naik-turunnya chart life.

You can use bamboo as hedgerows. In addition it looks natural, bamboo fence can filter noise or sound negative chi from the outside of the House.

5. Wind Chimes or bells
The sound of the Bell that is exposed to the wind, in feng shui is believed to be able to ward off the oncoming sha chi (negative energy) energy that comes from wu huang, which stimulates the plagues and diseases. You can place wind chimes at the front porch before heading to the Park.

6. Milestones
Milestones or stone hardscape elements stepping value is on the grounds. Don’t make a too rigid footing design so that it cannot harm, especially to small children. Make a shape or curved Groove in order to balance any time.

Winding smooth Setup can soften the flow of chi are coming too fast from the outside of the House. (Read more – 5 Ways to Organize Your Garden)

Well, it’s about the feng shui garden design. Hopefully useful!