Fuchsia Flower – If we take the name fuchsia flower, maybe not many people know. World community more beautiful flowers to know this one by the name of Flower Earrings.

The mention of this started from a position of flowers hanging from fuchsia to branch, similar to the earrings. Fuchsia plants including shrubs (bushes forming). Like tropical plants in General, he is also always a year-round green (evergreen). (Read more – Types and classification of Plants)

Fuchsia is one type of plant flowers the most variety and color. In some areas, such as in Indonesia, a type of hybrid fuchsia more found. Fuchsia flower that can be seen in this photo of a Fuchsia Madeleine Sweeney, one of a kind hybrid fuchsia.

Even though it has many color variations, generally red, fuchsia flowers in white, pink, purple, or a blend of the colors. Fuchsia plant could be the right choice to beautify the grounds. Fuchsia requires the planting medium humid with good drainage. (Read more – Ground Cover Plants)

Although he loved the sunlight, but should avoid the fuchsia from sunshine, which is too hot. Please allocate do trimming, every time after flowering. Trimming is useful for smoothing out its shape. In addition, it also makes it more productive fuchsia bloom. To reproduce, can use seed or grafting methods.