Garden Architecture Meaning – What is the architecture of the garden? still lots of different understanding about the Garden Architecture Meaning, which the understanding can sometimes just experienced is not balance. The garden architect categorized as service workers known as the gardener. Architectural Services tamanpada description explained that the gardener is someone who learned about the basic science, designing in the field of the environment. in particular, environment Park.

Even wikipedia has its own term that refers to the gardener. that is, landscape architecture. “Of course the gardener in Indonesia was not able to be compared with landscape architecture, as the work space is covered by the gardener not of landscape architecture. (Read more – Plant Relaxation)

Although sometimes some scientific basis makes frequent developer owned by the architecture of the garden as a Foundation, where the profession of this kind not only understand about about the world children’s alone but must also understand the world Agriculture morphology. (Read more – Fuchsia Flower)

Well, that’s a bit of an explanation of the notion of architectural garden. I hope you all understand about Garden Architecture Meaning.