5 plants to Garden Backdrop Behind the House – The presence of children as one of the complement of exterior home has many advantages for its owner. In addition to being able to embellish your home’s overall, children also bring coolness and fresh air intake for health.

Garden plant without necessarily incomplete. But behind the green foliage, plant apparently also worth functioned as an accessory border wall in the garden behind the House. (Read more – 5 Caring for Houseplants Guide)

As a result, the view that you will feel not only ‘ plain wall ‘ but different nuances that make the garden look luxurious.

Here are five plants for a garden Backdrop Behind the House.

1. Bamboo



Lucky if You have a pool or fish pond in the garden behind the House. To enhance the aesthetic value of bamboo planting, with the number of following the pattern of the border wall or hanging from your desires.

Please note, bamboo is a plant with the highest growth rate in the world, reportedly can grow 100 cm in 24 hours.

However, this growth rate is determined from the local soil conditions, climate, and other species. The most common growth rate is about 3-10 cm per day.

If you are a private, less painstaking in gardening, you should select the type of bamboo Fargesia. This is due to the relatively slower growth than other types of bamboo.

2. Cactus



Want to display different styles in the home garden? Try the Cactus that is identical to the Mexico country atmosphere.

Planting a cactus for the garden back home can be a perfect solution for those of you who live in an environment where temperatures are hot and dry. Moreover, if residential architecture brings modern themes, cacti are able to meld into one stylish combination.

3. Cypress



If You crave a cool view of the mountains, planting spruce on the entire wall of the garden is the best option.

Cypress fan is very easy to find anywhere, as well as flexible enough to dikreasikan as you wish.

His tips, put the fan in the pine-lined or lined up between each other, to resemble a limiting way.

If you put a row of FIR fan at the front entrance, this plant can function as directions as well as being the center of attention. In addition, the distinctive Evergreen fragrance will smell and brings out the freshness of its own. (Read more – Making a Child Friendly Garden)

4. Clematis



The types of plants that climb has gorgeous flowers the color of blue, purple, pink, red, yellow and white roses this, worth a try.

Certain cultivars may grow up to 6 meters high and lived for 89 years.

Clematis require full sun for flowering and peneduh are cool to root in order to grow properly.

5. Red Robin (Photinia)

Red Robin (Photinia)

Red Robin (Photinia)

This is the last of crop plants and shrubs with colored bright red young leaves, so commonly used as delimiters beautiful gardens.

Its leaves are round oval can reach 10 cm in length, and will turn green when aging. The flowers are white and somewhat rare. (Read more – Xeriscaping Techniques, Water Efficient Garden)

Well, it was Five plants for a garden Backdrop Behind the House. May be useful.