Garden Flood Solutions – The rainy season started to come, check out garden flood solutions. In the middle of the city’s progress, the flood apparently is still a scourge that can not be avoided. Torrential rain intensity and almost daily resulted in much happens standing in a number of areas. (Read more – Tips for Indoor Garden)

Garden homes vulnerable was inundated when the rainy season is due to its location in the front or rear of the House. This condition can also be destructive and deadly plants and trees that You observe. Before the higher rain intensity, do prevention with following steps.

Short term solutions

This way is relatively easier because it requires only basic maintenance only.

  1. Check the drain. Clean up litter and debris dirt falling into the drain so as not to clog the flow of water.
  2. Add mulch (straw material in the form of foliage) on the soil surface in this case serves to increase plant absorption. Add the mixture to a grass surface soil mixed with a little sand.
  3. Make the most of compost results from decaying leaves. Compost also helps soil absorb more rain. Add compost every once a year to your home.
  4. Flooding in the Park generally occur because the ground in the garden of the home of compacted so that water is difficult to penetrate into. Therefore it is important to create aeration to add oxygen gets into the ground until it reaches the grassroots. Aeration also forms a path for water heading into the ground.

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Long-term solutions

When children’s home has become a flood of subscriptions, consider making a long-term solution.

  1. Minimize hard material from the surface of the ground. Hard materials can decrease absorption of soil due to close the cavity entry of water into the ground. If you want to create a seating area around the garden, make use of the bricks the size of a small and thin so that drainage is functioning optimally.
  2. Flatten the surface of the soil in the garden so that rainwater does not gather at one point which is at risk of flooding. Flatten the surface of the soil by adding soil on the surface.
  3. One of the most effective way, by immersing the plumbing. It helps drain off rain water to the outside of the House. But this way costs more.

That’s an article about garden Flood Solutions. Hopefully, your garden can be a solution that is flooded.