Blending Hardscape and Softscape – HARDSCAPE and softscape very influential towards the look of the garden as a whole. Election or inappropriate mix of guaranteed garden look less good. Hardscape and softscape elections then have to be aligned. How to blend hardscape and softscape? (Read more- Hardscape Garden Design)

Get to know the characters
Each object has a character. Similarly with hardscape and softscape. Example, outdoor (hardscape). The shape and texture of the pond varies. There is a square with a texture that is flat. There is also an irregular shape and tekturnya similar to the wild.

Though equally shaped pond, both have different characters. The square with a flat texture be more appropriate placed in minimalist-style garden. The irregular better suited to complement garden style.

For plants (softscape), lush leafy types more appropriate planted to supplement the tropical garden. This is because tropical style synonymous with the dense atmosphere, shady, and adem. Otherwise on minimalist garden, the kind that is not lush leafy straight and more applied.

The characters let diperhatkan when building the Park. It aims to avoid the impression of jumbled on the grounds. (Read more – Choosing Potted Plants Tips)

Hardscape and Softscape

Hardscape and Softscape

Note the proportion
There is no benchmark dead matter proportion of hardscape and softscape. The comparison can both according to taste and style who want built. If you want to build a dry garden, we will be more use of hardscape–can be a stone coral–rather than–softscape plant. Otherwise when build tropical garden. Softscape composition could be much more.

Another point concerns the proportion of this is a problem the size of softscape or hardscape. The size of both must be adjusted with the garden as a whole. Do not let the size is too big or too small when compared to the size of the garden.

Also note the number of softscape or hardscape. If you want the pond there is a sculpture of a frog, set amount is based on need. If only as accents, minimize the amount.

Well that’s about catra blending Hardscape and Softscape. Hopefully useful!