House blend with the Garden – The garden is designed not only as a part of architectural concept but as a form of flattery towards the local climatic conditions.

Due to the frequent tumbles in the rainy season, the presence of trees that surround the building thus reduced even eliminated. In fact, trees are able to blend with the building even become aesthetic throughout. (Read more – Tips For Styling Your Home Garden)

The building is not forever separated from the surrounding natural environment. However, the building can unite the interior and exterior. Things that are done to a number of architects to meld environment exterior with the interior of a building.

U.S. architect Bureau Arquitecture makes the project to the House which is located in Playa de Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. In mentioned, the project is a contemporary House by using the concept of spatial fluidity.

A concept looking for unique interior and integration through the creation of a central courtyard that connects the space. As a result, the view can be freely viewed outwards. Fortunately, the project location can be planted with several kinds of tanamanTiang-mast tree is placed in the middle of the page to accommodate the concept of design. (Read more – Ideal Home Garden Tips)

The concept of fluidity is achieved by opening up all of the room to the main page so that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. The effect space being bigger, brighter and has natural ventilation so as to save electricity. All spaces can be seen from the outside. Home gives comfort, spaciousness and improve the quality of life of its users.

Local ingredients are used for finishing, such as stone placed by the craftsmen as well as the main building of the large slab structure. Cement and concrete combined with resin to give a natural warm colours in addition to its water resistant.

“Resident Rabbit” is the nickname for the home landscape architects in Bangkok, Thailand. Because, its owner is a landscape architect and he needs a home that has a row of pages. The architecture created in the basic principles to overcome extreme climate in Thailand.

A series of white walls are made in the axis of East and West. The solid walls will clog the strong sunlight from the South. The room is integrated with the wall with the full window. Each room has two views of the garden to the East and the West.

The garden is designed not only as a part of architectural concept but as a form of flattery towards the local climatic conditions. To the East in front of the parking lot, the Park became the first area to greet residents as well as guests. (Read more – Small Home Garden Tips)

Here, residents can see the rising sun or moon at night. In the West, the Park will help the strong sunlight in the afternoon. Layer the leaves gives the feel of a more shaded so you can enjoy the sunset in the evening. Meanwhile, a series of wooden deck in pairs to complete the architecture that facilitates a very public activity space.