For those of you who will be how to make a good home garden are interesting, check out the following articles. This question always comes out of people who hesitate to build a garden at home.

Simple house model is always identical to the minimalist type home is being sought after by many people. Minimalist house itself has a simple style which is becoming trending at the moment. Although the House with this type has only a narrow land with simple model but still look elegant in its entirety.

Usually to beautify the appearance of this minimalist home, most homeowners make mini Garden by utilizing a little farm at home. In addition to beautify your home, other functions can make the House look airy and increasingly looks beautiful.

How To Make A Good Home Garden

Want to know how to make a good home garden?

1. Provide an example of image garden to be created

Look for inspiration as much as possible with photos of garden design that may be suitable for your home.

Try looking for some examples of pictures of the garden that looks looks forward, side and rear.

You can find example pictures of children on the internet or look in the interior design books. Select the example pictures and wide fitting to make a garden with land limited.

In this way it can facilitate you in styling your garden and have a picture as expected.


2. Start making delimiter

This serves as a hindrance to the grouping of plants that will lay in taman mini. To make it even more beautiful border for either wall, fence or footing it is advisable to choose a neutral color because it will make your House look bright.

For the walls, it is recommended that is made from limestone because it can give the impression of simple, minimalist and projecting lights garden so it looks more elegant.


3. Set the Setup in planting grass

Grass is a major part of a garden. The green colour makes the garden a minimalist you become visible and refreshing, But you must be careful to plant grass.

Preferably grass compiled innocently resembles a carpet and the numbers don’t need much just enough to look harmonious.

If you are a typical painstaking not to care for natural grass then it can be replaced by using the grass easy synthesis of her treatment. (read more – 4 How to Choose Garden Plants)


4. Select a suitable type of ornamental plant

The importance of the selection of the type of ornamental plants it could support the concept of minimalist house you.

It basically makes the matching between the building and the plant is very necessary to make an impression and elegant dancing. Because as has been discussed previously, the main concept of the minimalist is always synonymous with a modern impression.

Examples of plants that are not too spend place and has a beautiful color are ornamental plants eforbia. These plants include the type of plant that blooms like bungan coins. The colour of the flowers is very diverse as red, Orange, pink, white and others.

However you should be careful in organize them because these plants have thorns that grow on the stem.

Add natural sound effects from water


5. Add natural sound effects from water

the sound of the splash water can create a feeling of calm to everyone. So to add to the impression of comfortable then it is important to add water accents on the design of your garden. You don’t need to elaborate on the filming of this pool. Now it is a great selection of outdoor minimalism that you can buy at the store grounds.

There is usually nothing sells like a mini waterfall which is already formed and only stay mounted only.


6. Lighting

You need to know, not all plants can live in a much darker. Some plants also require sufficient lighting in order to perform the process of photosynthesis. Therefore, make sure Your plant is placed in a spot that will be enough sunlight.


7. Create a vertical garden

Another suggestion for those of you who have a narrow land but would love to have a garden that is by the way the planting vertically. This vertical planting basically have the same functionality with the usual IE so that the House looks fresh and cool and beautify your home.

Well to make a vertical cropping is fairly easy. The first step select the plants that have a light weight, strong and can absorb a lot of water. Then prepare a material that has a frame is light steel for affixed to the wall after it’s created is open to put a plant that is already selected. Watering can for a session using the technique of irrigation or manually only if the way is too time-consuming for you.

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Here is a discussion related to how to make a good home garden. May help you in making a beautiful garden.