Hydroponics for a minimalist home garden – Fixed to you, that gardening is one of physical activity of moderate intensity equivalent to run above the treadmil speed 5 km/h?

Even a study conducted by the University of Westminster, United Kingdom, showed that those who regularly take care of plants, in the garden or pot, have a BMI (Body Mass Index) is lower than those who do not.

When gardening for an hour, your body will burn 280-380 kcal. This amount is equal to the number of calories burned while you jog for 30 minutes.

Because, during gardening You will do many activities are draining, such as pruning plants, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pots, watering the flowers, as well as provide fertilizer.

Not only that, another benefit of gardening is to prevent yourself from catching the stroke. The Journal of The American Heart mentions, if gardening activity combined with jogging and swimming, then you will be spared from degenerative diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

This is because gardening is able to unleash a flow of blood and oxygen in the body. In fact, The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends that sufferers of hypertension for gardening on a regular basis.

Cultivated crops

Talking about gardening, the easiest area to be found is the garden home, either narrow or medium-sized. Depending on the interest and the condition of the land, one method of gardening that you can try is hydroponics.

Hydroponic cultivation was planted by utilizing the water without the use of land, with emphasis on the fulfillment of the needs of nutrients for the plants.

Need hydroponic water at less than the water needs in cultivation with soil. Hydroponics use water more efficiently, so the match is applied to areas that have limited water supply.

Observing this sense, seen that the emergence of cultivation in hydroponics is prefaced by the increasing attention to the importance of human need fertilizer for plants.

The reason these values using the method of hydroponics cultivation based on the advantages, such as:

  • Does not require soil
  • Water will continue to circulate in the system and can be
  • used for other purposes. For example, circulated to the
  • Aquarium.
  • Easy control of nutrients so that the granting of the
  • nutrients can be more efficiently
  • The relative did not produce polluting nutrients into the
  • environment
  • Give more results
  • Easy harvest results
  • Sterile and clean
  • Free from plant bully
  • The planting medium can be performed over the years
  • Free of plant pest/weed
  • Plants grow faster

Hydroponic techniques a lot done on a small scale as a hobby among the people.

For those of you who are interested in cultivating this nice, understand in advance the types of plants that are easily grown. Some of them are the peppers, tomatoes, Zucchini, melons, eggplants and lettuce.