Landscape Design Cost Estimate – You may ask landscape design cost estimate? The Park is an area of land with a wide variety of materials and material components of the software, both of which support each other to make the garden more beautiful. The Park became one of the most important parts of the home that are frequently used to refresh the mind. Children can also beautify residential, even raising the value of the House. However, making a good and beautiful garden is not easy. Need consulting services landscape in order to make the Park look more beautiful.

To create beautiful gardens are indeed a mature concept is needed and reliable hands. Not only for the public area only, children at home also requires a touch from the experts. Usually the process of making a garden takes approximately 4 to 5 days, which is done by the gardener or gardener.

Cost for the service of consulting a landscape architect, divided into 4 tariff calculation method of service (design fee) that is often used in the scope of consulting services of landscape architect. Here’s a little review about landscape design cost estimate!

1. The percentage
How this is done by setting the value of a quantity the percentage fee multiplied by the sum of the total cost of the implementation of the landscape construction work. In Indonesia, the typical services of a landscape architect range from 7.5% to 10% of the total budget plan costs (RAB). Large or small percentage fee value is usually determined by the cost of the execution of construction work as well as the level of difficulty. Advantages and disadvantages of calculating the magnitude of rate with this method is the value of a quantity fee will be subject to and affected the value of the cost of implementation and the magnitude of the costs of implementation will make prices more expensive services, and vice versa . (Read more – Ideal Home Garden Tips)

2. Time
This method is a way of setting the magnitude of tariff services by specifying the length of time the workmanship multiplied by the unit price rates/hours a landscape architect. Big nothingness hourly rate is determined by the experience and expertise of flying hours or a landscape architect. The more experienced in dealing with the project, will be the higher the tariff value is also the architect. Determination of the hourly rate is also determined by the corresponding profession or organization has defined itself by landscape architect based on his experience in the field.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

3. A Lumpsum Fee
Tariff a lumpsum (fixed fee) is usually used because it is an agreement of the two parties, two between the employer and the workplace. Tariff quantity parameter lumpsum used is determined by the total area of the project, time, cost, and level of difficulty of the project. The advantage of this method is adalanya fixed rate so that the agreements are not affected by the magnitude of the costs of implementation. The disadvantage of this method is that if the length of time the work schedule of a fumble set due to technical constraints, then it will result in a loss of time for the consulting landscape architect.

4. A Retainer Fee
This method is usually based upon agreement between the client and the architect of the landscape, if the client requires only a Butler Service landscape architect in a specified period only. However, it is not impossible this deal will last for a matter of months or years. This method is most often used by contractors and landscape consultant in Indonesia if get the project that requires special expertise. (Read more – Seed Planting Tips Guide)

All 4 methods of setting tariffs of services services of a landscape architect above do not include the cost of local transportation, the cost of consumption, the cost of tools, the cost of printing the results, and more. Please be aware of fine landscape design cost estimate. Hopefully it helps!