Making a Child Friendly Garden – making a child friendly garden becomes important. When styling your home so that friendly and safe for children from early childhood, people often focus on the interior and missed the attention to the exterior, including the garden.

Because of the condition of the garden or yard House that is relatively less regularly than the inside of the House, in part this is the kids quite often injured. Well, then it is important to making a child friendly garden. (Read more – Garden Lights Durable Tips)

In the meantime, to force children just play inside the House are also not good. Kids should have time to activities in outer space. So the little one can play safely, do these tips on your home page to making a child friendly garden.

1. use the thick grass
Don’t let a blank page not groomed. A minimum of tanamlah grass, elephant grass are mainly textured is smooth but thick.

The grass is useful so that when children play in the yard while barefoot, her skin was not immediately blow a risky land makes his skin scratched and wounds.

In addition, avoid the weed needle. At a glance this grass does look more green and tidy bak carpet. However, the tip of the leaves tend to be sharp and could injure the fruit of your heart.

2. Select a stepping value stone (stone paths) that averaged
To make it easier to walk around the Park, people put a stepping value stone or footpath in the Park. Usually use a natural stones to make it look natural.

This is not a problem. However, to note is the surface. Select the surface of a flat stone stepping value so that children, especially those who are still under the age of five years or still haven’t been able to keep the balance, not a fall or stumble. (Read more – Simple Tips on Minimalist Garden)

3. avoid plants that form a Bush
We recommend that you cancel your desire to grow lush and easy forming shrubs, such as jasmine or dahlia. The plant is too lush will attract children to enter. Whereas, on the inside of the plant could be mosquitos nest there.

4. hanging Pot is safer
If you love plants, to temporarily avoid planting crops in pots placed on the floor. The child will be easy to draw and deprive the plant if it’s at the bottom.

In addition, the roots of the plants in pots tend to be weaker than plants grown in the yard. None, right, children play ground, even being so gantunglah pot-the pot your plants or planting directly in the ground so hard digapainya.

5. No limit outdoor
When you have a fish pond or pool, create the guardrail so that your child cannot immediately dabble into the pool. And, immediately pat dry the fringe outdoor if there is standing water to prevent child slipped while passing through it.

6. Check the lush plants
Adjust the distance antartanaman, the plant is too close to seeming to provide the opportunity for spiders to build its nest. When children approached this plant very close, disorders of allergies such as hives on the skin will be easily attacked him. (Read more – 4 How to Choose Garden Plants)

Well that’s some tips making a child friendly garden. Hopefully useful!.