Making a vertical garden – Have a garden at home would certainly be a dream for everyone who has a residence and was fond of gardening activities. Many models of home garden that you can apply at home ranging from children’s dry and wet grounds. However, do not forget to consider the vast land that you have. One alternative that you can do is to create a vertical garden design on the walls of the House.

The vertical garden-type indoor or outdoor, Making a vertical garden is indeed not easy because its different from garden design in General. But with the right guidance, make a vertical garden is not difficult really. What the heck are the steps that must be considered when wanting to create a vertical garden at home? Follow the instructions to Making a vertical garden! (Read more – Vertical Garden Guide)

1. Choose a theme that You like for vertical garden
Select the vertical theme park preferably tailored to home design theme that you have. There is some vertical theme park such as classic, modern, traditional, or tropical style. In addition to the theme, the other thing that should be a concern when you build a vertical garden is the selection of crops, because crop largely determine the themes that you can take.

In addition to the theme, you should also consider the land area that would later become the magic you vertical garden. Dont hurt you consider the size of the home garden mini if it’s widespread land limited.

2. Determine a suitable Wall to create a vertical Garden
Start by selecting a suitable for the wall transformed into a vertical garden of dreams. If you have a wall that unfavourable but exposed to sufficient sunlight, then choose the wall. Choose a wall also proved strong enough to support the load of the plant that would later serve as a vertical garden.

Note also the strength of the walls are prone to collisions and other sharp objects such as nails and easy to installed these objects? Since the perforated wall later and applied frames for a vertical garden impianmu.

In addition to the power of dindingmu, make sure that the layout and wide walls that will make you a vertical garden. Generally children are in in front of the House, but if you include people who are unique and different, you can create a vertical Garden on the side of the House, on the top floor of yours, or anywhere that you sense receive enough sunlight. Certainly far more unique!

Wall Vertical Garden

Wall Vertical Garden

3. Choose Plants carefully!
As with any gardening, consider the position of the Sun, which are suitable for irrigation, wind, and air temperature when selecting plants that will you plant in vertical garden impianmu. Please choose the appropriate plants with resistance to weather and climate.

As much as possible avoid planting vines, because while growing will be difficult to control the direction of growth and can spread to everywhere. Types of bushes and plants can live in a prolonged period of highly recommended.

Also, match the plants you select with the existing soil. Not all plants will flourish in certain soils, therefore at the time of buying the plant, it’s good you ask what’s good for land planted with the crop the right one.

4. Make the Frame that corresponds with the size of the Vertical Garden Walls
The next step is to create the basic structure of a vertical garden that is frame. This frame is a frame that will shore up the plastic, fabric and also plants. Take care of the vertical garden is indeed easy-easily distress. That you dont bother, measure the overall size of the precise order and precision could avoid the problem that is not desired in the future.

One of the skeletons is easily obtained and strong enough in addition to thick wire is sized ¾ inch PVC pipe. Kania suggest do not use iron can rust, because in addition to the burden of the heavy also.

In addition to iron, the material wood is also not recommended. In addition to easy fragile, some types of wood can grow large. This may disrupt the order of a vertical garden of dreams.

Green Vertical Garden

Green Vertical Garden

5. Put the Plastic Sheeting
After you create the frames and before installing it on the walls of your House, be sure you have plastic sheeting next ingredients. The plastic will be mounted to the wall coating your House before the frame is mounted on the wall. Useful plastic to protect the walls of your House from the entry of plant roots and water seeped in the wall.

Make sure the plastic is slightly larger than the size of the frame you have to prevent the spread of water and roots. After putting up plastic on the walls, you can install the frame you have.

6. Install the appropriate Fabric Garden
After plastic and order is ready, the next step is setting up the fabric. Choose fabrics that are not too tightly and have a fairly porous cloth stitching, so there is a gap for the plant to breathe. The content of the fabric with the ground of approx. up to approximately the size of a frame that already you install previously. So, the cloth serves as a pot at the plant.

So that the vertical garden yours faster finished, you can put the fabric contains a ground on the frame before it hung to the wall. Make sure the entire order order vertical garden has neat and pretty strong, so there is no plant that will fall due to loose or torn fabric.

7. Give vertical garden with good water drainage system
The drainage function is to manage and absorb the excess water, so that is not pooled. A vertical garden requires a good drainage so that the system can grow with lush. A good drainanse system will help plants grow healthy.

On a vertical garden, the drainage becomes very important because of its function which keeps the fabric contains plants maintained to keep it moist. In addition, don’t forget to plant memupuki diligent Yes. Alternatively, you can use a liquid fertilizer can be added to the reservoir of water in the drainage system. (Read more – Small Home Garden Tips)

Generally, a vertical garden using poly pipe of drainage system. Basically, the best drainage system for the vertical garden is a drainage system that drains water from top to bottom and not too much removing the water. You can buy a standard drainage channels are now widely available in the market with a price that varies.

There is also an automatic drainage systems that could circulate air automatically on a garden of yours, this is the best option for you who have a lot of activities and super busy. This is how to Making a vertical garden!