Simple Tips on Minimalist Garden – Minimalist garden could impress boring for some people. On the other hand, many others consider the minimalist garden is a stylish simple design in the courtyard of his home. In General, creating a minimalist garden is not difficult. (Read more – The world’s largest vertical garden)

If the reference to the rules of interior design, minimalist garden usually marked with material hard lanscape design firm and interspersed with simple lines. Here’s some tips on creating beautiful spaces in the garden.

1. Create the delimiter
Minimalist impression should be made with the delimiter between one and the other. Especially in terms of color selection, use neutral colors without having squeezed paint featuring natural texture.

2. Limit of material
Limit the number of hardscape materials, nor the color variation is the key to success makes impression with clean and simple. Refer to the example of color selection similar to the walls and floor of the terrace below.

Meanwhile, the application of the floor should also be taken into account are cooked. For example, the floor tiles grey can be a fitting background for dark gray details that appear from the seat, container plants and the following window frame.

Attention to detail can make Your minimalist garden look more professional and luxurious.

3. Make the grass look more modern
Unlike the garden in General, grass in the garden is minimalist is an important item that can be dikreasikan in such a way. There is a grass that was planted to resemble a certain shape, there are also allowed to grow freely.

Essentially, the grass can be a base that is combined with other natural materials, such as timber and stone. (Read more – 4 Tips on creating a Garden in the yard)

The concept of minimalist garden below the neatly trimmed grass harness resembles a carpet. You can even use faux grass if nobody wants to mess with the treatment regularly.

4. Selection of plants
The needs of the plants in the garden, minimalist arguably limited. However, its presence still needed to give the impression of a tender on the grounds.

Minimalist garden usually only pick a maximum of three species of plants. Of course, this is related to the purpose of simple and ease in her treatment.

Put the plants in containers in accordance with the respective type. Choose dark colored containers and minimalist design. The goal, in order to present the impression contemporary, clean, and stylish. (Read more – The Tree in the House Guide)

Well, that’s Simple Tips on Minimalist Garden. Hopefully useful!