Minimalist House Garden Design – Of course everyone wants a nice garden. The following will be discussed about the minimalist house garden design. The design of the garden in a narrow land became one of the constraints in the architectural design. Whereas, in dense urban environments primarily, children become the main needs to overcome fatigue and pollution. This article gives some ingenious tips to get around a minimalist home garden design in the narrow land with maximum beauty.

1. Make the part as the garden terrace

Architect Designer utilizes the most minimalist garden terraces. The Park also has many biopori to maximize the resapan of water.

2. Make wonderful part carport with grass

In addition to resapan the water and add to the atmosphere, it also enhance your design ideas front yard of the House.

3. Organize the garden front of the House

The front garden of the House role is very important because it becomes the initial look of a home that reflects the personality of its owner. Seleksilah types of plants that will be shown in the minimalist garden in front of the House. Because the numbers do not need too many, select the type of plant that is weatherproof and is not depending on the season. Consider also factor in the shade and beauty.

Minimalist House Garden Design

Minimalist House Garden Design

4. The minimalist Garden inside the House

Unlike the garden in front of the House that gets more sunlight, the types of plants for the garden, minimalist House generally gets less sunlight and more in need of special care. However, if the desire to have children in the House has been around since the beginning of the design, the architect will be mengikutsertakannya in the overall perancanganm even make use of the garden as an element of beauty, lighting, penghawaan, and circulation between space.

Minimalist garden behind the House

Minimalist garden behind the House

5. The minimalist Garden behind the House

Minimalist garden behind the House instead of just as a garden that beautify the home. Garden size not too large it serves as lighting and air circulation. The type of the selected plants should produce a lot of oxygen and easy maintenance. (Read more – Japanese Style Garden Design).

In addition, the area on the back or on the side of the House that borders the neighboring building spacing should have in order to be exploited at their best for the garden.

6. Dry Garden (courtyard)

In addition to the narrowness of the home land, lack of time to care for children also become obstacles for the majority of modern society. The courtyard can be a smart solution for this problem. Garden area need not be too broad, her treatment also does not need to be too intense, the choice of tree species ‘ hardiness ‘ is also quite a lot.

7. Make wonderful house terrace

Long layered wood chairs that hang on the wall is adorned with a minimalist garden as Chair. Minimalist garden supports the natural impression you want to display from the natural stone walls.

8. The minimalist Garden under stairs

Minimalist Garden under stairs into a solution for the needs of children in a narrow land, and utilize the space under the stairs which often go to waste.

9. The minimalist Garden on the roof of the House

The same extent of the roof of the House with a floor area, it’s a shame if only coated concrete deck only. Moreover, at home with limited land, where the limitations of land often hinders the desire of homeowners to have a beautiful garden and comfortable. Cerdiklah in utilizing all aspects of the building. Garden on the roof could be conditioned contoured. In addition, it looks dynamic, can also be utilized as a means of exercise. (Read more – 7 How To Make A Good Home Garden).

So, there is no reason which can inhibit the desire to have children in the House berlahan narrow maximum beauty. Bermimpilah, pour all the ideas are there, and make it beautiful in design that became the hallmark of your home.