Modern Tropical Garden – The concept of modern tropical garden much applied in Indonesia. This concept combines the diversity of tropical plants with modern elements. Any garden look simple and enchanting. (Read more – 4 Beautiful Garden Grass)

The concept of the garden can be combined from two different elements. For example, combining elements of tropical plants with modern hardscape elements. The combination of these two concepts make a tropical garden keep a simpler, more beautiful, and simple in its care.

One example of a modern tropical garden try built by Abbas from X-otic Garden, in the backyard of a house in Bandung. At the garden, Andie combines tropical plants such as tabebuya, frangipani trees, banana, bamboo, Orchid, and nejin with hardscape elements with. (Read more – Beautiful Plant Tillandsia).

“Garden design is made with attention to the desires of homeowners,” said Andie. Previously, the backyard is beautifully landscaped. Can be in the form of an orchard, where in some corner of the embedded fruits sporadically. See the garden that, any owner who wishes to make a more elaborate gardens, beautiful, and minimal maintenance.

As a landscape architect, Andie replied that homeowners desire with presenting a tropical modern concept. Modern elements are trying to offer among other hardscape design. The pond was created following the geometric patterns. L-shaped pond and at the point of her elbow placed water fountain-shaped cylinder, behind high walls three meters. The effects of strokes popularized on the wall and the water fountain to give the impression of rustic.

Not only that, also with elements obtained from the use of crystals strung together thus forming drops-drop of water. Drops of water this imitation looks more prominent at night when lights highlighted children. The effect of light is also used to expose water that poking at the middle of the water fountain. “This is to give the impression like wildfire,” said Andie.

Conceptually, the idea of an artificial garden Andie belongs to brilyan. On the other hand, Andie does not forget to question the ease of treatment as desired. Instead of easing the work home owners take care of the garden later, Andi closed the garden area with grass gaja mini. This grass is famous as a minimal grass maintenance. (Read more – Gardening Tips in the Home Garden)

In addition to closing the farm garden with grass, a portion of the adjacent garden area with a terrace covered with a plank of wood bangkirai. The circuit board also serves to expand the space on the back porch. From here made a liaison between terrace with gazebo which attaches to the border wall.