Outdoor Garden Buildings – You might want to try the outdoor garden buildings. If you plan on making outdoor in the garden area of the House, You can get inspiration from the model of the pool at home here.

This pool has a size of 2.7 m x 1 .8 m. Lying right in front of the House. This pool of water can bring freshness and coolness.

If you want to make a garden pond in your home, there are several things to consider. (Read more – Top Simple Garden Tips)

First, remember that the gardens, pools, and the House is a single entity.

Therefore, the design of the garden and the pool should comply with the concept of home.

Secondly, the placement of the pond.

For example, the pool is placed in front of the House, right in front of the entrance so that people who come will be greeted with a pond. (Read more – House blend with the Garden)

These pools can also be enjoyed by the owner of the House from the balcony of the second floor.

The last and no less important, the system filters and plumbing.

With a good filter system, then you do not need to drain too often. Outdoor look pretty clean and well maintained. (*)