Planning a Feng Shui Garden – Feng shui garden is not only valid for the room on the inside of your home. The condition of the home page can also be arranged based on feng shui. According to feng sui experts from America, Ken Lauher, some settings of the following grounds is believed to bring good luck to you. See, here’s the Feng shui garden. (Read more – Feng Shui Garden Design)

1. the Invisible Fence is too high
Could you put up a fence on the grounds of security, but Ken suggested that high fence cannot exceed your home. Let you can still see the conditions outside the home — not just with mengintipnya while on tip toes.

Benefits not only makes it easy to see who came to your home, but also facilitates the entry of air from the outside into your home. If the fence deterred home oxygen, of course, could not enter into the House freely — the sunlight becomes obstructed.

2. use a round table
Ken also suggested that better use of the round table square table compared to placed on the terrace of the House. Round table likened giving energy balance for your House.

In addition, given terrace which is usually not too broad, use the round table would be better. You or your child do not have to intersect with elbows sharp table — if you’re using a square table.

3. Add the fish pond
Listen to the sound of water or see lincahnya small fish are colorful believed able to reduce feelings of distress. Otherwise how will You breathe slower and calmer if hearing the voice of splash water.

Ken ever suggested that adding a small pool on the home page to add a cool atmosphere.

4. do not let the trees become too shady
Tree reportedly too leafy leaves blocking the entrance to the positive energy in your home. (Read more – The Tree in the House Guide)

In fact, anyway, the plant that is too shady will hinder sun exposure to get into the House, and also blocked sunlight to illuminate the plant that is located lower than the tree. Though each plant produce oxygen to the environment around it.

Prune Your tree leaves whenever the more lush — if you need to also cut a limb that is already too long. sunlight into the House will prevent mildew, reduce mosquitoes, kills bacteria that love to nest in damp rooms.

In General, a great small garden not influential on the origin of feng shui, the settings are right. Therefore, small house with small garden is quite to be Your first home. That’s about the Feng shui garden. May be useful.