Pot Water Garden – The limitations of the land does not make people stop creative strategy space with pot water garden. So also when has limited land for the garden, which can be overcome by using water as a medium pot planting. Here we will discuss about the pot water garden. (Read more – 10 Tips on Caring for Plants)

In the Park are not too extensive, the pot water garden can be useful as a unique pot at once hardscape in the Park. In fact, the water in the pot can be filled a small fish that can eat mosquito larva.

You can put some of this water garden pots in the garden of your home. Model, and the material is increasingly diverse in the market. One of the many water plants that you can plant in this pot for example Lotus. (Read more – 5 Caring for Houseplants Guide)

In order for this durable water plant, tanamlah plant peneduh in the vicinity. Tree with a large size such as Palm or Cambodia can protect the plant in a pot of water. Well, it’s about the pot water garden. Happy gardening!