7 Easy Ways to Repel Snails Garden – Repel snails garden–Have a green garden and is ideal for everyone. Unfortunately the presence of pests are often damaging to the lush leaves even stop the growth of the plant. Snail garden being one kind of pest who we meet in the courtyard of the House. Because, repel slugs grounds is not easy.

Instead of using a pesticide to repel them, we recommend that you save and select natural ingredients that are readily available at home. Quoted from Zillow, there are 7 easy ways to repel snails garden.

1. Sprinkle the SOAP
Snails and slugs apparently hate with SOAP and buihnya. You can take advantage of this by way of dipping the surface skin of snail and slug into the liquid dish SOAP contains cici. If it is not possible, you may also simply splashing soapy water to the surface of her skin.

2. Sprinkle salt
For some people this might be not the best way, but the fact that salt can kill slugs by way of drying out the surface slick that menyemuti skin. Simply by spraying a little bit of salt water to the surface of their skin, the garden slug could be expelled without interfering with other insects. (Read more – Xeriscaping Techniques, Water Efficient Garden)

3. Fruit skins
Choose this way if you want to repel slugs but didn’t want to touch it at all. Simply leave the banana peels, orange peel or rind melons near plants that often plagued by their slugs at night.

Then the next morning they would have stood there and you could throw it by using a shovel.

4. Only those
If You keep the furry animal like a cat or a dog, don’t waste the feathers and make use of rontoknya to repel slugs! The trick with sprinkled on plants infected snails, snail skin will then automatically suck out the feathers.

5. don’t bring home plant nursery
Slugs are often hiding among plants that are in budidayakan. To it before buying plants in large quantities, check by carefully lest there is a slug who was in it.

6. Clean the dried leaves
Dried foliage garden are indeed provide a positive impression to the environment because it can be a habitat and food source worms that menggemburkan the ground.

However, if the existence of the snail garden at home, you should be diligent about cleaning up dried leaves periodically. (Read more – Garden Lights Durable Tips)

7. Attract natural predators
It turns out that a lot of other animals who are interested in making the snail as its main food. Try the reel animals such as frogs, lizards and even a snake by presenting a slug in their midst. Don’t forget to provide great hiding places for rocks of the predator.

In addition, other animals such as birds and plants can also attract the attention of ham ataman on this one.

Well that’s about 7 easy ways to repel snails garden. Hopefully useful!.