Roof Garden Planting Medium – Home Garden will provide a positive impact for you and the environment, children’s House also has become part of the urban community because life has become part of the lifestyle.

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Therefore, you should be able to prepare the planting medium well and true. In addition to seeing some reference should you ask an expert directly.

How to make your own rooftop garden

How to make your own rooftop garden

In addition to soliciting expert advice garden, here are a few terms before preparing media for planting:

1. Weight capacity: maximum load capacity Estimate structural roof to the roof before you prepare the planting media.

Soil and fertilizers: be sure to examine and use the soil type and the right fertilizer for your plants that you want to embed. If you use the system container such as a tub plants or pots, you can use various types of soil and fertilizer.

2. Drainage: If you have large containers, it is important if the bottom has a ‘ walk ‘ or at least a crack for air moving and the water flows out of the pot. A row of pots with a cloth filter will also help stop soil particles seeps out through the drainage hole.

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3. Water supplies: think how to get water supplies, for example using a hydrant, tong rooftop rainwater, a special irrigation system, or just need a container of water to water your plants.

4. Sun exposure: to find out how much sun exposure, evaluate how much sunlight will get your plants on the roof. This will help you determine what types of plants are suitable for Your rooftop garden.

5. Gust wind: a very windy Area could dry out plants or break the stems before the plant can grow large. Another solution, you can add a wind barrier such as a fence or wall.

6.Waterproofing: you could add a layer of the panel that is used as the basis of surface roughness. Above the panel surface layer of hard, add rubber weatherproof layer.