Simple Apartment Garden – Your apartment dwellers? Try a simple garden apartment here. Apartment dwellers usually miss the atmosphere of the garden. The building has an area of limited does not mean cannot have children as occupants of the House footprint.

You can use a variety of creative ideas to make homemade Garden on the balcony even though the size is not too large. In doing so, they seemed to have a life and be able to enjoy nature.

The following types of simple apartment garden that might fit in your apartment.

1. Vertical garden
There are various ways to adopt urban gardening, one of them making a vertical garden. Chairman and Managing Director of Netsurf Network Sujit Jain explains, can be installed in a vertical garden outdoor panels such as the balcony or on the wall. (Read more – Vertical Garden Tips)

2. Indoor gardens
Nowadays a lot of people who like the concept of indoor gardens. You can provide a space which is not too extensive, but can be penetrated. To crop, select grass chives with all-weather resistant. (Read more – Tips for Indoor Garden)

3. Mediterranean garden
For a Mediterranean-style garden, start with city pots or clay pots which can be hung or placed on the balcony.

4. Garden Containers
Cans can be as colorful paint pot to beautify your balcony. Don’t forget the bolongi bottom pot so that water is not inundated.

Well, it’s about the simple apartment garden. Hopefully useful!.