Simple Garden Design for Beginners – The Garden House is indeed capable of showing the beauty of a home building. Combining creative ideas to produce a garden design home is provision of each of each homeowner. You can add a fountain and fish pond, on the exterior design of the Garden House. Customize with your taste, and avoid planting trees too large and high.

In addition to the presence of lush trees, this will provide a very fresh air. However, it should be noted if the dirt of a dry, leaves falling will make the views of the House were scattered. With such comforts and views of the Garden House as possible are applied appropriately. Here’s the latest design minimalist home garden which can be used as inspiration. (Read more – Very Simple Garden Ideas)

Green Vertical Garden

simple garden design for beginners will be more attractive look together with additional seating in the front yard of the House. Even some House has a gazebo type to beautify a garden design, minimalist form which is usually made of bamboo and wood. But there is no harm if you just use a simple table and chairs. Of course both of these fittings can be used for relaxing with the family.

Next you can add small or moderate sized pond on the grounds of the House. As for the effect of a pool is as air and embellish the look of the garden. You can also add a little fish like koi fish and other types of fish to further beautify the appearance of the pool.

Make the most of the grass anyway as the base, then you can Wear natural wood or stone floors. Natural stone plinth is usually simpler, you just choose the shape, can be round, the shape of a triangle, or square shape. (Read more – 12 How to Make Rooftop Garden)

Rooftop garden design ideas

Rooftop garden design ideas

Designing a minimalist Garden on an area of the House could use the beranekan range of ornamental plants, ranging from the green grass and small plants such as bonsai and roses. You can select multiple variants of the ornamental plants in accordance with the taste, but adjust the size of each ornamental plants and trees will be planted. The impression of a plant caused green this is a beautiful, adem, and the concept of comfort. Not only useful as a peneduh tree, green plants can also be used as resapan rain water as well as having the feel of more fresh and natural. That’s a bit of a Simple Garden Design for Beginners. (Read more – Very Simple Garden Ideas)