Small Shaded Garden Design – small shaded garden design are often memorable and boring because of its simplicity. In fact, children can be designed, minimalist garden shady family and soothing. In principle, the minimalist garden to maximize the utilization of open spaces with minimal care and sehemat possible. A few simple tricks will help design minimalist shade garden, comfortable, and minimal maintenance.

1. Create a limitation
Minor must begin from the clarity of boundaries because of the minimalist design focuses on the selection of the maximum element in its utilization. Take advantage of fences, walls, or the pattern of rocks to create a clear visual boundaries.

Coral stone road along the walls of the House along the wall of the fence into a grass Park boundaries with the tree as the tree shaded kencana ketapang.

2. Make use of neutral colors
Neutral colors that naturally tend to be soothing and easily combined with various elements. Grey cement, yellow ivory from natural stone, beningnya water interspersed with matching green foliage.

Natural stone walls, floor print of mortar, ponds, lawns, and yellow bamboo (Phyllostachys sulphurea) is enough to become a soothing minimalist garden and brighten the mood.

Sweet Beautiful Bali Villa masterpieces Budhi Raharsa

Sweet Beautiful Bali Villa masterpieces Budhi Raharsa

3. Minimalisir material
The utilization of this type of material that is not too much, it will make it easier to create the impression of a harmonious, simple, and elegant.

Tree ferns as a distinctive tropical plants Indonesia became an icon on grounds utilise only a minimalist Japanese grass and stones as its material. These simple materials capable of creating an atmosphere of shade for your living room and terrace.

4. Create a new pattern
Modern minimalist patterns as simple as rectangular shapes with materials and natural colour of wood or masonry will reinforce the impression of a minimalist. This pattern will generate a small shaded garden design.

Palimanan stone stone (sandstone) becomes cross street garden with grass as ‘ carpet ‘. Both reinforce the impression of a minimalist and able to chime with trasidional on the building. (Read more – Small Home Garden Tips)

5. Limit the types of plants
On the grounds of a minimalist, number of plants can be minimised, however remains the main elements. The plant serves as ‘ the heart of the ‘ garden that bring shade on the tread. Limit usage on three types of plants only. Repeat the pattern of perletakannya if necessary. The limitations of this type of plant would create a pattern instead of colors were beautiful, as well as easy maintenance.

Fern, soka, and sansiviera could be the choice of the types of plants that are always green and easy maintenance. Sansiviera are also known to produce large amounts of oxygen.

Splash water from the barrels in the outdoor garden Villa

Splash water from the barrels in the outdoor garden Villa

6. Combine plants with similar color
Create a harmonious and minimalist garden blend by utilizing the types of plants were colored. Green plants can be contrasted with landscape garden with logs and rocks. The colors that were going to make a small shaded garden design.

A crowd of ornamental shrubs of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) combined with Iris pseudacorus-shaped to resemble rice with tiny yellow flowers.

7. Add water elements as sound and motion controllers
On minimalist garden design includes elements of air, design must be fused as a part of the Park and not a mere ornament only. The existence of the element of water should be add to the impression of shade at the park with splash water which gives tranquility. Water element will add to the attractive small shaded garden design.

Large pool with showers, Lotus, bamboo and water as part of a minimalist garden creating shade and tranquility. (Read more – Japanese Style Garden Design)

8. Specify the goals and make the most of each element that exist
Just as the main concept of minimalist design with firmness of purpose, clarity of lines and a minimalist garden also. The beauty arises from the fusion of the detail lines on each element that is utilized, ranging from different types of plants to the pattern of the road in the Park. With the harmonization of course will result in a small shaded garden design is gorgeous and beautiful.

Minimalist garden arranged neatly with the selection of the right kinds of plants will provide beauty, coolness, and ease of maintenance. Apply the tricks in garden design and minimalist modern life in harmony with nature. (Read more – 7 How To Make A Good Home Garden)