Snapdragon Flowers – Not only rose, chrysant, or Orchid who became a prima donna flower ornamental pieces. Snapdragon flower, can also be used as flower sets. Therefore not wrong if this pretty flower, crowned as one of the excellent cut flowers.

Want to look at her beauty for longer? Just planting Flowers in the yard or garden Snapdragon. No need to worry with. Flowers of the Mediterranean area of origin is not spoiled.

The latin name is Snapdragon Antirrhinum Flower. One of the most ubiquitous kind, Antirrhinum is Magi. Flora has a width of 30 cm between header-45 cm. There are three types of a. Magi. All three are distinguished based on the size of the plant. The type of the most high, could reach 75 cm. Type of medium, reaching 45 cm. Lastly, a type of short, maximum height of 25 cm.

Planting flowers Snapdragon is easy. This flowering plants like the rays of the Sun. He needs the sunshine, at least six hours a day. If the sunlight is too sweltering, place Flowers Snapdragon in a more shady. This needs to be done, so that the leaves and flowers the flowers scorched not Snapdragon.

For the media, similar to the cultivation of plants in General. Flower Snapdragon requires soil with a neutral pH, quite moist, and have good drainage. Did watering as needed. Note the State of the air temperature, if it’s too hot, it means Flower Snapdragon requires more water. Conversely, if the cold, much less rainy season, reduce the frequency of watering.