Spirit of Nostalgia in the garden – MAKE the MOST of your backyard for his guest when welcoming hospitality. Use fabric collection in the closet, then crunch creativity.

The backyard of the House can be transformed into a festive meal and place unique. Check out the warehouse, who knows there is a Chair that was long forgotten. Throw a piece of brightly colored patterned fabric is gorgeous as its base, add tiny pillows with interesting colors and shapes as a backrest.

See, in seconds you have a garden sofa ready to welcome relatives and friends. Place the chair under a shady tree as peneduh, and be sure to add a touch of flowers here and there as a sweetener.

Next, don’t be confused finding the appropriate hardware. Bamboo stalks or the handle of the torch can be used as unique containers as a backdrop, as well as a bucket of sprinkler plants that can switch function into a flower vase to strengthen an atmosphere of the garden.

Spirit’s Memories
Serve beverages in cups of old models to give you a feel of nostalgia, and use the rods as a cinnamon scent Enhancer. Tuck also janur teeny above placemat cups and a flower in the tray as a sweetener.

For serving tidbit, use bamboo container composition and dainty flower pin on top of the lid. Then, put on the table with a matching pedestal Petite woven coconut leaves and white coconut leaves. Not difficult, isn’t it?

At banquets, use table length in order for the decoration can be performed optimally. Any small tables can be organized into one when you do not have a long table. In lieu of a table runner, use the woven coconut leaves and white coconut leaves on top of neutral-colored tablecloth to give an atmosphere of Idul Fitri holiday.

As the binder coil a piece of napkin, janur on white napkin rolls would give the impression of modern comfort in underwear Your meal. In order to cheer charm makin stands out on the feast of Idul fitri holiday this time, put a fresh flowers on top of each bowl of soup.

Centerpiece in the form of a series of sticks and a variety of brightly colored flowers will surely be the fruit of the lips between the invitation. Tie branches to form triangles along desired to use a wire or glue, and tuck the colorful flowers here and there.

For decorating the table buffet dishes, use woven coconut leaves and so appear similar janur. Earthy pottery containers nan appeared interesting on it. Use the serving spoon so that the more traditional harmony. Flower arrangements are inspired from the offerings of Bali, pajegan, complement the overall décor of this dish.

Well, you are now ready to welcome all his guest and relatives. And this time You will be AWE everyone, although later long after the Idul fitri holiday.