The natural atmosphere in your living room – Where you normally put a waterfall and pot-pot plants? The most prevalent, certainly in the Park. Can the garden front, side, or back. How about in your living room, it’s already been tried?

Located in the family room are comfortable and fresh. Sound splash water and rows of pots-pot tanamanlah source of freshness of yesteryear. Rare to find a home that puts pot-fountains and potted plants in the family room. Usually in the Park, which was then given to the opening, so that it is directly related to the space in the House.

The family room can be so made us inspired to more daring experiment, i.e. bring more elements of nature into the home. Bringing together the areas outside and in the House, is one of the surefire solution to create a fresh and comfortable.

To make it, you can simply set aside a bit of land the family room for children. Lightly coat the wall of one of the fields of the area with natural stone.

Create a small pool at the bottom, to accommodate the water coming out of the fountain. For a finishing touch, place some potted plants.

If you want to look cuter, could also put a plant flowers. Interested in making it in Your living room at home?