The Plant Fence – The plant fence keep the function as a “guard” home security, sometimes a selection of material from the fence of iron, stone or aluminium gives impression of stiff and massive. In order not to look that way, now start trying to utilize the plant life or familiar is referred to as a fence for life. (Read more – Hanger Pot of Webbing Strap)

Touch the plant will demolish massive impression on the fence. The look of the facade of the House became more comfortable and more unsightly from the front view. In addition, the effect of freshness could also be obtained due to the natural colours of the plants will refresh the eyes.

However, to make a living fence of the crop needed more attention on the environment. Especially when the environment around the houses tend to be judged less safe because it is located on the edge of the highway. If so, hedges can be combined with a fence of iron or concrete. Well, what plants fit?

You can choose the vines or climbing plants. It is recommended, you also choose plants that don’t require regular trimming, such as types of Codiaeum Variegatum, Beluntas, Kemuning, jasmine flowers or Soka.

However, if it happens to be the area around the residence feels as safe as a residential cluster system, you don’t need a high fence. Can you make a living fence with styling your plants such as flowers or flower shoes with other colorful beauty. (Read more – Coral Stone Decoration)

To make it look pretty, living fence remains adapted to the low height and width. The fence is too high and cover the House gave the impression the homeowner covered and don’t like to socialize. Well, do not want kan called so?