The pretty garden at the corner of the House – You still have open land less get sunlight? Don’t fret cultivates plants for difficult. You can still create the garden, just pay attention to the selection of the appropriate type of plant. (Read more – 10 Tips on Caring for Plants)

For extensive garden is small, such as a 5 m2. We are menyempil among the walls of the building are quite high in your home. As a result, light from the Sun is quite difficult to go into a place like this.

Yes, although generally less fertile plants, but the Park is still performing. The Park was created with the concept of a tropical garden semikering. Selected types of plants that can be tumbh in the shade and Leek mini dipuluh as plant cover surface.

Mini Leek can close the ground such as grass because it got a lot of chicks and growing spreads. This minimal plant care, that just needs a little water.

However, the most important thing is the old green leafy plant is happy to direct sun, stung by a shaded area is where ideally. Plants cacti filler among others, Hexagon, although capable of living in the shade, henis Cactus still need sunlight. Placing any near open areas in order to get to the Sun. (Read more – Beautiful Plant Tillandsia)

Point of interest of this park is a cactus high slim. Around him can be brought to the sansevieria, bromeliads, and iris. The display garden at the corner of this tiny not less interesting with surrounding garden.

Well, it’s about The pretty garden at the corner of the House. Hopefully useful! Happy gardening!.