The tree in the house – You certainly can make the tree in the house. How about uniting the large tree into the House design? Imagine the beauty of the natural integration of stems and branches of the tree with the spaces in the House.

The trees are the perfect natural architecture masterpiece. In addition to beautiful, cool and also protect trees from seasonal changes. It is very fortunate if we could include the trees into the design of the exterior and interior of the home, put it together with all the other design elements.

Here is the tree in the house guide. You can try it if you can make the tree in the house.

1. an existing Tree
To grow up, the tree takes dozens, dozens, even hundreds of years. It is extremely regrettable if cut and discard it when it built a house around it.

Benefit from all the advantages of existing tree with optimal. His strength could also support structure. The uniqueness of a particular form could serve as the beauty of the interior. Natural brown color will add warmth to the space.

2. Identify the trees that are owned
Each type of tree has its own characteristics. Some are resistant to seasonal changes and always green. There are also going to molt in the dry season. Karakterisistik this should be considered when designing in order not to be a constraint, but being a unified element with spaces or building structures.

Indeed there are many factors to consider. Ask for advice from the experts of the plant/landscape architects to find out the age, health, growth and condition of the tree. (Read more – 6 Simple Garden Design Tips)

3. Take advantage
Home owners who care about the environment even willingly pay extra for integrating the building with trees around it. The realization that human beings are part of nature and should participate in their preservation, will create a building design that really noticed and blend with nature.

Imagine the shade of the shadow tree, the coolness of the oxygen it produces, as well as sun light that radiates with beautiful among the foliage. Building design that blends with nature must be unique, functional, comfortable, and artistic.

Trees and shrubs are fused in the inner courtyard

Trees and shrubs are fused in the inner courtyard

4. Note the location of the root
The planning form and calculation of building structures should pay attention to the location of the roots so that a well planned; do not damage the trees so that eventually die. These considerations as well as preventative measures so as not to become an obstacle to development time.

They saw the Foundation, sloof, and pole distance of buildings should be calculated carefully. Remember, there are trees that are intended to support the building’s character and not as a barrier. Look for the best solutions to design a building that blends in with nature, but remain focused on the needs of its inhabitants.

5. Protect and benefit from the root
Construction of the building structure must not hurt the tree roots. In fact, the roots of the tree can be used to support the structure of the building.

The roots of the trees that withstand the avalanche on the cliffs would further strengthen the structure of the building and holding load of the building. This is the building design that blends with nature. (Read more – 5 Caring for Houseplants Guide)

6. Water needs
Every tree requires water to survive and flourish. Concentrated flow of water from the roof and surrounding environment to fullfill his needs. Keep away from waste waste water channels, mainly from the bathroom and washing area.

Home irrigation system should be taken into account and ensured its up to the area around the roots. A rare rain area can make use of rainwater catchment and save it under the House to be drained at regular intervals.

Corallo House works of Paz Arquitectura

Corallo House works of Paz Arquitectura

7. new Trees
If there is no tree could be included in the design of the interior of the House, the new tanamlah. This concept is known as the inner courtyard. This design requires a special container to plant because of land surrounded by the Foundation of the building.

No need to land too extensive to do this. Choose a tree that can be planted in the House and not particularly in need of special care. These trees will beautify the interior if needs be water, air, soil, and sunlight are met properly.

8. Make available sufficient land
The limitations of the land to the challenge in the inner courtyard. The selection of the type of plants that tested a key success of the inner courtyard which is integrated with the overall design.

The beauty of the willow tree that is evergreen and require only little maintenance, very refreshing and ‘ revives ‘ interior. Beauty obtained without needing to bother.

9. Provide sufficient lighting.
Without the Sun, the plant can not photosynthetic and will die. Plants will grow well if given sufficient lighting. Don’t need direct sunlight. It could also be the reflection of light from the Sun only.

10. Choose the most suitable type
Plants that can be durable in space has a number of characteristics. Humans are part of nature. The House was also so. Recognise and take advantage of the natural state around, including trees, to realize the home comfortable. (Read more – Tips for Indoor Garden)

Here is the tree in the house guide. You can try it if you can make the tree in the house.