Highest Vertical Garden – Highest vertical garden as high as 166 meters will be installed in the walls of the newest apartment project in Sydney, One Central Park, January 2014. The garden was designed by Patrick Blanc and Jean Nouvel that digadang became the world’s highest vertical garden.

Highest vertical garden consisting of various types of foliage and vines that would dye some 6,400 acres of apartment facades square meters. There are at least 190 kinds of native plants of origin Australia and 160 kinds of other exotic plants prepared by Patrick.

One bedroom apartment Central Park is a project that consists of 38 apartments and 624 griya tawang. This project will be a skyscraper with a unique theme that is not owned by any other project in Sydney. (Read more – Making a vertical garden)

Just like his other works, Blanc is not only gives plants on vertical walls. As usual, he’s always include privileges within it. The extraordinary beauty of this highest vertical garden.

After include 7,600 plants from different species of 237 on one wall of the building in Paris, now Blanc makes a vertical Garden Tower skyscraper on One Central Park in Sydney, Australia. The vertical garden will be in One Central Park Towers, two residential towers that would become an icon in the middle of a retail Centre Sydney, Australia. (Read more – Vertical Garden Guide)

Work Ateliers Jean Nouvel Tower includes 624 apartments. All of them are in the building as high as 116 meters and 64.5 meters. The shorter Tower concept mixed-use and contains apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants, and offices.

This time, Blanc will include 190 species of plants native to Australia and 160 species of exotic plants. Hundreds of species of plants that would cover 50 percent of the surface of the building. With a number of significant enough that, plants that are attached to the surface of the One Central Park as if it is the vines from the Park, not far from both the tower. (Read more – Vertical Garden Tips)

Of course, the construction of this highest vertical garden will attract a lot of attention. The Tower will not only become an icon, but also become a super-luxury residences.