The world’s largest vertical garden – Never heard of vertical garden? The vertical garden is a garden that is made with vertical concept aka upwards, not unlike children in General. Well, now is the world’s largest vertical garden.

Well, children like this it turns out there really are! And not responsibility-the responsibility of this park is claimed to be the world’s largest vertical garden. The Park is located in the area of Rosales, Bogotá, capital of Colombia. (Read more – The World’s Highest Vertical Garden)

Uniquely, this garden is built on top of a building. In the city the population was dense, vertical garden looks like a Green Giant. These vertical green garden at the Santalaia building.

This building is the apartment building multi-family upper class which has nine floors and two basement floors. These vertical garden concept was conceived by Exacta Proyecto Total who want to build a building with the concept of greening.

The building was eventually designed by biologist and botanist Ignacio Solano. They then employ Groncol, a designer of the company garden and green roof. The building was built from mid-2014 and recently completed in December 2016.

Total spent about 16 months, eight months and eight months of planning and development. The building was enveloped in greenery covering 3,117 square meters. The plants as much as it can to give oxygen to the 3,000 people! (Read more – Vertical Garden Tips)

As many as 115,000 plants with 10 vertical garden species, including hebe mini, asparagus fern, and rosemary. In addition to designing the concept of plant, the architects were also challenged to design the irrigation system, water recycling system, and selection of plants.

This building eventually use irrigation systems hydroponics specifically designed. Moreover the building is PIN technology, and radiation humidity sensor to optimize water consumption and water treatment installation in order not to have the waste.

The presence of this building not only to show off the skill of designing, but also aims to reduce the effects of heat due to global warming and help the needed oxygen mempoduksi citizens every year.

Excitedly, the roof of the building was also made to include a play area or simply relax. Gorgeous and wonderful the world’s largest vertical garden. (Read more – Vertical Garden Guide)