Beautiful Plant Tillandsia – Decorate the House with ornamental plants is one of the trends that are currently popular. In addition to bring fresh Greens and impression, the presence of plants indoors can also help air circulation, thus making their owners life healthier. (Read more – 15 Ways to always Fertile Plants)

But not easy caring for plants indoors. In addition to the minimal sunlight, plants indoors should also be able to survive with minimal land and can only be grown in pots only. But there are a few types of plants ‘ powerful ‘ which are suitable to grow indoors.

Those of you who do not have the time to take care of the plants also do not need to worry, this type of plant in question here also does not need special care, don’t even need to be watered.

His name is Tillandsia plants or people knew him as a water plant. Here is information about the Beautiful Plant Tillandsia.

1. Does not need land, water plant is easily maintained
Water the plant does not need land to live. Exactly as it was nicknamed, the plant has the ability to be able to live without the planting medium soil, yet still get the nutrients from the air.

Similar to the Group of orchids, flowering plants belong to this simple plant epiphyte or stick to the host plants without merugikannya.

Tillandsia plants including pineapple-nanasan group. However he did not produce fruit such as pineapple, but still includes the type of ornamental plants that have leaves interest rates less attractive. (Read more – 10 Tips on Caring for Plants)

Not only was able to grow indoors, water plant is able to grow in a humid bathroom and warm.

2. Easily planted and easy to grow
The water Plant is indeed impressed modern plants only favored House of millennial doctrines that impressed lazy caring for plants. When the plant is suitable for all ages and it is easily grown by anyone, even beginners in the field of plant.

3. Suitable for any type of room
The unique shape of the leaves make this plant fits on the water plant in any kind of ruanga. He could be biting with other plants such as Aloe Vera, Aloe plant potted lavender, snakes and others.

In addition, water plant easy to put anywhere. You can hang it resembles a circular terrarium, or placed in the middle of the dining room.

Even designers of space, Andrea Neal and Jym Wilson from Lawn and Garden Associates at Annie’s Ace Hardware Petrow revealed that water plant on display was a bit much in the corner of the room was even able to completely dominate the aura. In addition, this plant is also very suitable for such residential apartments.

4. Mini and easily moved.
Does not take much effort to move the water plant. Especially if You frequently move between the typical domicile because Affairs job, or maybe because you are the son of kos.

Its small and easy packaged plant has made the impression of a ‘ portable ‘ and easily moved. Uniquely again, this plant also does not require a lot of space to grow.

5. Can live longer
In addition to plants such as flowers and cacti, edelweis aquatic plants this plant grows more durable and able to live longer.

If you want to leave the House in a long time, this plant will stay fresh when you return. This plant is said to be able to survive for up to 10 years. However, that does not mean these plants do not need treatment at all. You should still be looking on occasionally. For example by spraying water for a minimum of 2 weeks and clean it from dust once a month.