Tip create a rooftop garden – The roof garden or the garden on the roof already known in Babylon since the 6th century BCE. This concept is still in use to the present day, as it can add to the open green space (TELEGINEN) though at the home of Petite. In addition, the roof garden also judged able to temper the Sun’s heat into the House as well as reducing the rate of global warming.

Make roof garden requires the construction of the roof deck. Because the roof deck construction, not only support its own weight, but also the weight of the soil, plant, water, and man that is on the roof garden.

There are several stages that need to be done to create a garden on the roof of the House, check out Tips create a rooftop garden:
1. make the roof deck concrete with a slope of 20 – 30 degrees. Construction using cast reinforced concrete material with iron diameter 8 mm. Size each column concrete 20 cm x 20 cm. Thick floor dak 20 cm for the area 50 m².

2. create a plant on the edge of the tub deck concrete, can-shaped box, round, oval or a combination, the origin of the form in accordance with the broad dak. Bak serves as a container plant. (Read more – 5 Caring for Houseplants Guide)

3. Lightly coat the concrete deck and a waterproofing material plants. Its function is to prevent water seeping into the room below, also protects the bone iron on beam columns and floors.

4. start the installation of clean water and dirty. Installation of clean water for watering the plants, which are directly related to the water pump or tub of water shelter. Note also the installation of the wastewater that is connected with the lowest deck, and then connect to the pipe drains toward the tub of resapan in soil and water down the drain. (Read more – 4 Ways to Beautify Your Garden)

5. attach the straw roofs or coconut fibres similar cocopeat — — on top of the concrete deck lined with regular thickness 10 cm. style Function to hold while filtering the water that oozes from the sand and soil.

6. pour the red soil and humus as a medium for planting. A good soil pH content ranging from 5 – 7.

7. The planting of grass on it. Planting plants rooted plant tubs on the fibers. Types of plants your vines can be planted at the edge of a fence or a wall, while the plants are low on the tub and the edge of the Park. Also planting flowering plants to garden more beautiful.

8. attach the fence at the front and rear garden. Fences can be made from iron, bamboo, or wood, strong and safe. It is better if the fence has a door, so you like being in the courtyard of the House. (Read more – 12 How to Make Rooftop Garden)

Well, it is a discussion of Tips create a rooftop garden. Hopefully useful!